By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Like thousands of others, Lisa and Chip Schau were enjoying their final day of the Route 91 festival when the shots rang out.

After moments of confusion, Chip turned to his wife and said “we have to run.”

As they ran, they soon found out they were caged in and had to break down fences to get out while masses of people, many injured and bloodied followed right behind them.

As more gunshots were heard, the couple ducked behind a car — then continued their run that led them and dozens of others to a dead end.

That’s when total strangers pulled up in a van and said get in.

“These strangers were in it, and said get in,” Lisa said, “But I was frozen with fear, and they said ‘You’re getting in this truck.'”

Those Good Samaritans rushed the couple and dozens of others to a safe place where everyone just sheltered in place on lockdown.

Finally, after several hours of pure terror, they felt it was safe to return to their hotel.

But the images and sounds they saw continue to haunt them.


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