By Macy Jenkins

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Security is tightening at events across the country after the Las Vegas shooting, which means the festival this weekend is taking extra measures.

In less than 24 hours, Downtown Stockton will be the place to be to find a new band and your next favorite brew in the annual Rhythm and Brews Festival.

“After everything that this country has gone through, why not have some fun tomorrow?” said Adrian Castillo, a Stockton resident.

But others aren’t so sure about the safety of an outdoor concert less than a week after tragedy in Las Vegas.

“It makes me a little scared to be honest,” said Javier Grajeda who also lives in Stockton. “A lot of people will stay home because a lot of people are scared and have every reason to be scared.”

But concert organizer Clay Michaels said he’s hoping to keep his audience worry free tomorrow.

“We don’t want one person’s madness to deter people from coming out to the event,” Michaels said.

His team has stepped up security this year with more officers, 24-hour monitoring and cameras throughout the venue.

But Michaels said after planning events at Weber Point for years, he hopes their safe track record puts the crowds at ease.

“They’re doing what they’re doing to make sure that the people that are coming out will be safe,” he said.

Castillo and his friends typicaly feel safe in their community and hope others don’t let fear keep them from showing up.

“I’m gonna go myself because well, there’s brews!” he laughed. “The weekends are for the boys if I’m correct.”

  1. There’s simply NO way to secure an outdoor concert surrounded by tall buildings.

    Think about it: is there 1,000 cops scanning every window with binoculars? Nope.
    The Vegas shooter did his damage in less than 15 minutes.
    Do you think the police could react fast enough to locate and stop the shooting in 15 min? Nope.
    It took SWAT nearly 90 min. to do that in Vegas, and by then everyone was dead or dying.

    If you’re a concert promoter and you insist on holding your event in a dangerous spot, similar to Vegas, YOU WILL BE SUED if anything happens. You are responsible for putting those attendees in danger.

    Holding an outdoor concert in an urban downtown, with office and hotel towers nearby?
    Those days are OVER.
    Concerts belong indoors anyway. That’s the only way to screen everyone.

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