By Angela Greenwood

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — After two years of failed attempts, the fate of the dilapidated Sunset Whitney Country Club in Rocklin could soon be decided. The former Rocklin Golf Club shut down in 2015. The city now wants to purchase the property, but it won’t come cheap.

Dick and Laura Harris have lived in their Rocklin home for 30 years, but their fondest memories are the times spent right behind it at the former Rocklin golf course, essentially right in their backyard.

Laura Harris said, “All our marriage we spent playing and having the kids over.”

What was once known as Rocklin’s jewel is now an overgrown eyesore, and has been for two years.

“Sure it’s sad,” said Dick Harris.

The course was bought in 2012 by golf pro Charlie Gibson. It was shut down in 2015 after the city denied the owner’s request for a new housing development. The city now wants to bring life back to the Sunset Whitney Country Club. Homeowner Mariam Noble says it can’t come soon enough.

“It will be such a relief,” she said.

City Councilman Joe Patterson says the latest plan would turn the 54-year-old golf course into an open, public space.

“I think it’s a promising proposal, best one we’ve had so far,” said Patterson.

It’s an expensive proposal as well. The city would buy the property for $5.8 million to be paid over five years. Most of the money would come from development fees, and a large chunk would come from the city’s oak tree preservation fund, which is paid into by developers and residents every time a tree is removed. Still, some say $5.8 million is a bit excessive.

“I think it’s lot of money.”

But, Rocklin business owner Steve Holt isn’t completely opposed.

“I would have to see what they have planned for it.”

For the Harrises, anything is better than what it is now.

“I am delighted. It’s going be saved for all of us to enjoy,” said Harris.

The city council will vote on the plan Tuesday. City officials say there is a tentative deal with the owners of the property. One of the owners, Charlie Gibson, declined to comment.


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