FOLSOM (AP/CBS13) — Guards have killed an inmate and critically wounded another at  California State Prison Sacramento, also known as "New Folsom Prison."

The state corrections department says it happened Friday afternoon at the prison in the Sacramento area as guards tried to break up a fight in the recreation yard at CSP Sacramento.

Authorities say two inmates armed with stabbing weapons attacked a third man.

Guards used pepper-spray grenades and other non-lethal weapons and fired a warning shot from a rifle. But officials say the attack continued and another inmate joined in.

A guard then fired two more rifle shots, striking two inmates. Thirty-eight-year-old Jamie Mardis died. The other inmate is in critical condition.

Two other inmates were treated for minor injuries.  California Department Of Corrections and Rehabilitation officials say two inmate-manufactured weapons were found near the scene of the fight.

Mardis was serving 11 years for robbery and another two years for carrying a deadly weapon in prison.

Comments (2)
  1. Kevin Perry says:

    Trump and the Trump Crime Family will soon be joining the boys on the yard. Advice for them? When you hear gunshots, duck.

  2. Jenna Dodson says:

    Ahh yeah right Trump is still kick in dude.. I just wish he would move faster on his plans.. hehe

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