By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento’s controversial King came back home Thursday night.

DeMarcus Cousins brought cheers and jeers from fans watching his first game facing the Kings on Sacramento’s home court with his new team.

Cousins no longer sporting Kings colors, following a surprise trade last season to the New Orleans Pelicans, after a series of memorable on-camera tirades.

Fans love him and hate him.

“He’s my favorite all-time Kings player,” Shauna DeRose said.

“I do not like DeMarcus Cousins,” Anna Santucci said. “I think he’s a whiny baby.”

For people in Del Paso Heights, Cousins return is a welcome sight.

“A lot of people didn’t know that DeMarcus was doing a lot of things off the court in the inner cities of Sacramento,” Mervin Brookins said.

Away from cameras, Cousins was a constant at Grant High School.

Mervin Brookins is a youth sports coordinator who watched Cousins connect with children here.

“A lot of these young men saw DeMarcus more than they saw their own father,” Brookins said.

Cousins paid for the funeral expenses of murdered football player J.J. Clavo. Clavo’s mother says she is forever grateful to the controversial sports star for how he helped her family.

An advocate and an angry superstar.

It is the dilemma of DeMarcus Cousins.


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