Salt level: HIGH

In case anyone forgot, I just wanted to remind you.

Salty Giants fan here. My two favorite baseball teams are the San Francisco Giants, and whoever is playing the Los Angeles Dodgers. So that means that for the remainder of the week, I’m a huge Houston Astros fan.

Let’s be clear: LA sucks. There’s little to nothing redeeming about it. Almost all their fans suck. Fair-weather, bandwagon, water-stealing fans. Laker/Dodger whatever. They’re all the same. You can literally tell most LA sports fans by the vacant, 1000 yard stare look they have. Just waiting to see which bandwagon to jump on, which car flag to fly, which inning they need to leave to beat the traffic on the 405. That’s right, I said “The 405”, because they even refer to their dumb highways all dumbly like that.

So yeah, I hope Kershaw and Roberts and even that Game of Thronesy bearded ginger wonder hitter they have go down in a big ball of flames to the Astros. Just don’t ask for our water to put out the flames.


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