As the WWE prepares for Survivor Series, the scene with the #UnderSiege segment from Raw last week created a few scenes that make this inter-brand matches frustrating and hard to take seriously.

I realize I’m just being a negative fan right now but bear with me.

Watching Mojo Rawley and Dolph Ziggler walking around and raising hell with the likes of AJ Styles and The New Day doesn’t sit right with me. I mean, we’re talking about the A-List talents merging with the also-rans. Nothing against Mojo, or Zach, or Ziggler, but they’re not positioned as big stars. I don’t want to see them beating up the likes of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. We see people who were battling recently walking shoulder to shoulder. Why? Well you gotta defend the brand of course. The Blue brand. The Red brand. The Republicans. The Democrats. The bloods. The crips. Its gang warfare… or something like that.

Also, where is our investment in this. Meaning, why do I care who wins? Is there anyone out there that watches only Raw? Or only Smackdown? Do you dislike Raw so much, you want to watch Kurt Angle get beat up?

The concept of an inter-brand battle makes sense but there has to be a reason for it. With the Survivor Series approaching, the battle set, theres no reason yet to care. That doesn’t mean the match wont be awesome. That doesn’t mean the whole PPV won’t be awesome. It just means we’re lacking a reason to get personally invested.

Hopefully that changes the closer we get to the show.


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