By Drew Bollea

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento teachers plan to go on strike as soon as Wednesday of next week.

The announcement was made during a large protest Thursday outside the Sacramento City Unified School district offices.

“I honestly can’t even believe it,” said one parent, “it’s just crazy.”

About 2,000 people with signs and posters in hand crowded the Sacramento City Unified School District parking lot.

“I understand why the teachers are doing it and I support it,” said the parent Kristie Corcoran.

It was announced that in six days, teachers would go on strike if the school system doesn’t meet their demands.

“They’re ignoring us,” said Theresa Philipps, a science teacher in the district, “they forget that we’re the service providers.”

Frustrated teachers say they’ve been overlooked for pay raises. They have class sizes that are too large, and that some schools are lacking nurses and special-needs educators.

“I think the district is doing a great job about hiding and lying about their financial situation,” said Philipps.

“It’s not realistic, and it’s completely unworkable,” said Alex Barrios with the Sacramento City Unified School District.

He says the Sacramento City Teacher’s Union’s demands would drain the school system’s cash reserves almost immediately.

Barrios says the district proposed a $25 million package, which will still lead to financial trouble down the road.

He says the school systems reserve funds will drop from $66 million now, to $31 million by the 2020 school year.

“We may have to make some cuts down the line, but we think it’s sustainable because we do want to reward our teachers,” said Barrios.

An independent fact-finding report is due to be released in 10 days. Barrios says any action by the teachers union, including a strike before then would be a violation of their terms.

“It would be an illegal strike, and we would take legal action to try and stop it,” said Barrios.

The school system has received more than 1,000 applications for substitute teachers in the event of a strike. Barrios says the school system is preparing for the potential for 600-700 teachers to walk out.

  1. Politic and money is such a hassle. The unions are unhappy of the current outcome. Adults don’t want to strike but it’s the last solution to show their rights are being mistreated, violated by those difficult people. Why is the SCUSD District acting like this while the nearby districts are doing well? Does most substitute teachers even have a clearance check? Meaning being required fingerprint background and TB test. That would cause a security and safety issue in school campuses if they haven’t been fully checked. Why is the SCUSD district willing to pay $500 each individuals to fill in the teachers’ absences? There was a male substitute (younger generation part of the union) who took this job just because the district would pay them $500, and the students and the original teacher could see he was high on drug during class time. Why are most of the younger generations of the Union so mindful blinded? They should be guided professionally and can at least speak with more experienced teachers for quote of knowledge from their past experiences.
    The district v. union. Always disagreements and not cooperative. Please make a wide decision and stop putting blame and excuses on each other. Such kids. We have students, our children, forced to be in school under the law. Senior students don’t want to delay their graduation. No school makeup during the summer. Get what they want or find a solution quick. We don’t want any delays.
    Anti teachers are such negative peoples. If you think hardly and be put in their shoes, you would understand them. They’re just like you, paying the bills and saving checks aside for emergency purposes. They are human beings.
    The unions are planning things legally as were told. Are the district mishandling or handling their side well? What are the district planning to do with that much of money? Is it going toward to some of the Superintendent’s proposed plan of “Invest for Kids”?

    Something is not right.
    Man, watching too much movies.

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