By Damien Barling

November 9th will mark the 20th anniversary of the most famous match finish in the modern history of professional wrestling. Referred to as The Montreal Screwjob, the closing moments of the PPV and the story that surrounds those moments has been written about and documented more than any single in ring moment.

Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, beginning at the Survivor Series one year later, the moments real life impact has been minimized.

What happened in Montreal in 1997 was not a wrestling storyline. It was not an angle. It was the seminal moment of a battle between to wrestling companies who were engaging in a prime time cable television battle. The battle got very personal at times. The battle saw casualties. The biggest may be the character of Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Here is the most complete document on the Montreal Screwjob from frequent Lo-Down guest Dave Meltzer. This was published in the Wrestling Observer following the event and, one can assume being 20 years removed, this is likely written with a very heavy account from Bret Hart.


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