Sports Illustrated reported that Roy Halladay’s wife, Brandy, expressed her feelings against Halladay’s passion for flying a month before his accident.

Before the fatal plane crash, there was a Youtube video, which is now-deleted, by ICON Aircraft dating back in October expressing Brandy’s concern with her husband’s desire to purchase a plane.

“I didn’t grow up the way Roy did […] I didn’t grow up with airplanes or a comfort level the way he did with small planes,” Brandy was recorded saying in the video.

“She fought me the whole way,” Halladay said.

“Hard,” Brandy added. “I fought hard. I was very against it.”

Despite Brandy’s disapproval of Halladay’s choice, Brandy did travel with her husband to St. Petersburg in the past.

After his two-seater airplane crashed, the former MLB pitcher was killed on Tuesday, 10 miles west of St. Petersburg.

ICON Aircraft removed the video from their Youtube channel hours after the announcement of Halladay’s death.


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