By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The psychiatric patient from Hawaii who led authorities on a manhunt all the way to California faced a judge in San Joaquin County.

Randall Saito waived his right today for extradition, telling us just yesterday that he escaped from the state hospital because he was being mistreated.

During his first court appearance in San Joaquin County, Saito who is considered an elevated security risk walked in with a chain around his waist and shackles.

“First of all, the waive extradition thing. I really don’t want to back to Hawaii,” he said.

In a jailhouse interview Thursday, Saito told me he was being mistreated at the state hospital in Hawaii and is the reason why he escaped.

Saito somehow managed to get on a plane from Hawaii to California, and then paid a taxi to drive him from San Jose to Stockton. The hospital didn’t raise an alert until an hour after Saito’s flight landed in San Jose

He wouldn’t say how he got the money but admitted to having relationships with at least two of the hospital staff.

“These women I had relationships with, I generally care for them and it wasn’t, ‘Can you bring me this?’ ‘Can you get me this?’ ‘Can you get me out?’ No,” he said.

Saito was arrested Wednesday morning by San Joaquin County deputies. He will have an identity hearing to confirm to the court he is who he really is.

“We only have two and a half days next week, so it gives Hawaii time to get their package over to us, and I’m sure they have it ready to go,” said Robert Himelblau, supervising deputy district attorney.

The district attorney’s office says there is no concern tonight that he might try to escape from San Joaquin County Jail.

“I’m not worried that he will escape from jail. I would be afraid and fearful for the public if he was still loose or still at-large, I would be concerned about that. But I’m not fearful that he’ll escape from an administrative segregation unit from our county jail,” he said.

Saito is due back here in court on Nov. 27.


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