When you’re on vacation you’d rather budget those bucks on something fun, right? Here are three ways to save on fuel costs when you’re out of town.

1. When you’re there, rely on local transportation. Choose travel locations that offer mass transit and take advantage of it.

Exploring a new city by bus or subway or taking a ferry somewhere or boat allows you to see the town as the locals see it — plus it’s less expensive. Public transit also cuts out the hassle of parking. That alone is a bargain for the price of a few bus or subway tokens and a lot more fun to get around town. You also kind of blend in more with the crowd.

2. Think about renting a bike. Why rent a car when you can rent just a two-wheeled vehicle?

Pick your bike of choice, pack a picnic and peddle around and your own pace. A lot of beach towns’ tourist areas and large cities offer low-cost bike rentals that make getting around town easy. When you travel by bike you also get exercise and may get to see areas that cars can’t reach. You also avoid the headaches of traffic and parking as well.

3. Think about choosing an all-in-one destination resort.

They completely erase the need for transportation. They give you easy access to food, entertainment, and everything else you need for an easy vacation — and it may have complimentary shuttle services to outside shops and restaurants. That will allow you to skip driving altogether. And, the shuttle driver can be your free tour guide since they’ll probably know the ins and outs of the city.


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