By Jennifer McGraw

YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) — The disastrous wildfires in Southern California are drudging up bad memories and pain for so many who lost their homes and loved ones just two months ago to fires in the north.

“This is something we need mending, we need help, and it’s going to take a long time,” said Kelly Sinn of Loma Rica.

Her home was one of 200 destroyed just two months ago.

“I still feel like this is dreamlike. It doesn’t seem real you wake up in the morning and you wished it was you,” said Sinn.

Her 85-year-old father’s home burned down right next door.

The fire came with a fury sparing only their lives.

“We didn’t know which way to go. Just get out,” she said.

It was a dream her parents built nearly three decades ago, and the happiness continued until her mother’s passing last year, then the terrorizing night in October.

“First thing he said was, well I lost my wife, and I lost my home, I have nothing left to live for,” Sinn said.

Father and daughter, overcome with despair. What would be left?

“Leaving an animal behind the way you have to do in a situation like this rips your heart out,” she said.

But instead, a miracle, her 26-year-old mare survived and was rescued, singed and scared, but alive.

“Oh my God, thank you so much. Lance, thank you so much,” she said in a phone interview back in October to the volunteer sheriff’s posse who found her.

Since then, Sinn and her father’s property has looked much the same. She said it gets easier, but the hurt doesn’t goes away.

“Your life will never be the same,” she claims.

Now as the fires rage across Southern California, even the news is too hard to bear.

“The sheer magnitude of what went down that night, the heat, the fear, the unknown, you don’t want to relive that again,” she said.

While thousands more are now feeling the loss, she wants them to never give up.

“Try to understand that this is not personal. The first thing I did was take it personal. It’s not, it’s just an event that happened in life,” she said encouragingly.

A life that will physically be wiped away tomorrow as all this debris is finally cleaned up.

“In a way yes, I am happy to see it go, but it’s sad. It’s sad,” she said.

It’s her faith that’s pulled them through this and humanity, plus for the man who has given her so much.

“It’s my job to be his reason and be his light,” she said.

Out of those 200 homes, debris from 90 has already been removed. Crews have a lot to clean up but hope to have it finished by Christmas.


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