By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputies are searching the Vintage and Brittany Park area for missing 89-year-old Carole Matsui. She was last seen Wednesday afternoon, walking near her home.

“When she does take her red jacket off, she leaves it on the chair where she sits,” said Roger Matsui, Carole’s son. “It’s not there!”

Deputies are searching around Matsui’s home and relying on tips from neighbors. The boy who lives across the street told Matsui’s son that he saw the 89-year old walking down the road around 4 o’clock Wednesday afternoon. But another person said they saw her near the Golden 1 Credit Union on Elk Grove Florin Road.

Now the search is on to figure out where she went. And Sgt. Nick Goncalves believes it’s urgent because of her age and the overnight temperatures in the 40s.

“She also has a medical condition that sometimes leaves her disoriented,” Goncalves said.

“Her mind is going little by little,” Matsui said. “But every time I tell her to stay home, that I’m gonna be home after work, she’s always there.”

But this isn’t the first time Matsui has wandered off.

A few months ago, she walked from her house to Sheldon High School, a four-mile journey. A deputy found her and brought her home. And back in February, she wandered two miles away before she was spotted.

“I told them anytime they see her and she’s that far, just call me on my cell phone,” Matsui said.

He describes his mother has a very friendly person who often goes out for walks.

“If she came up to you and talked to you, she could talk to you for hours,” he told CBS13.

Roger’s cousin was the late Rep. Bob Matsui, husband of current Rep. Doris Matsui. The family reached out to her office today to let her know they were searching for Matsui’s Aunt Carole.

Meanwhile, Roger is staying hopeful that his mother will be home soon.

“There’s no Jane Doe that’s missing, so that’s a good sign right now,” he said.

Matsui was last seen wearing jeans and a red fleece jacket. Roger’s coworkers will be searching for Carole near the Golden 1 Credit Union on Elk Grove Florin Road starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

  1. Aileen James says:

    Now that she has been found, it is obvious that foul play was involved. She could not have walked to the area where her body was found. I think this should be investigated.

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