By Jennifer McGraw

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – The county has one of the highest numbers of DUI crash fatalities in California, which is why the district attorney has teamed up with the app-based rideshare company Lyft.

“Honestly, there is no excuse for somebody to get behind the wheel if they’re impaired,” said District Attorney Vern Pierson.

This year, 18 people have died in the county from DUI crashes, and there have been at least 100 more alcohol involved injuries, and those numbers tend to grow over the holidays.

The impacts could be devastating.

Pierson used the example of a couple on their way home from dinner. He said a drunk driver smashed into the woman’s car, killing her instantly. The driver is now serving a life sentence.

“We have on average 28 people who die every single day in the United States due to an impaired driver, and that’s why we are trying to look at different innovative ways using technology,” Pierson said.

That’s why they’ve teamed up with Lyft.

“The safest way not to take a chance is to get a Lyft and get a discount and have a safe ride home,” he said.

Company drivers say it’s relatively inexpensive and better than ever driving impaired.

“Don’t risk it. Don’t do it,” said one driver.

“You can get it in a wreck and cause accidents, and you don’t want to do that this holiday season,” said another driver.

From now through Jan. 2, El Dorado County drivers can get a $5 to 10 percent discounts by entering a code.

“Questioning and thinking to yourself, I think I’m okay, but probably not, well you’re probably not,” Pierson said.

Better off in a Lyft, to possibly help save a life.

Remember to enter the code RideSave2018 or RideSafeCA.


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