ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Salvation Army bell ringer was attacked in front of Walmart for simply spreading holiday cheer.

We’ve all heard it; the jingle that means it’s nearly Christmas and ringing in sounds of hope for donations.

But not everyone is in the giving spirit.

“I greet everybody, 'Merry Christmas,'” said Rev. Jamie Wolfe, Sr.

Sadly, those two simple words got this bell ringer knocked out.

“He haymakered me, hit me, got me down on the ground and we started wrestling, at that point I’m fighting for my life,” Wolfe Sr. said.

The man wasn’t after the kettle money, but instead, his cheer.

“Definitely unexpected,” he claimed.

It was a savage attack — not even a Grinch could compare.

“Store says they love him and he’s been the best bell ringer they’ve ever had, so an attack that’s unprovoked is very surprising and very unfortunate. It’s not the call we’d expect to get at night,” or ever said Lt. Steve Pavlakis with the Salvation Army.

Pavlakis has been with the organization for 14 years, and this hasn’t happened.

“It’s really saddening that one of our bellringers would be out there working day after day for us that’s met with hate and punches to the face and kicks to the face,” Pavlakis said.

The reverend is shaken up and suffered bumps and bruises, but says this won’t ever take away his Christmas spirit.

“It’s really rewarding,” he said.

And you can bet that bell will keep on ringing.

“I’ll be right back out there doing it again tomorrow,” Wolfe Sr. said.

He was checked out at Kaiser Permanente just in case.

Meanwhile, the suspect is still on the run. Police hope surveillance video can help put that man behind bars.

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  1. The most likely culprit is a follower of the Religion of peace, Islam. You know, the Religion that believes it is doing the Lords work by raping 5 year old girls and boys in front of their parents before the cut their heads off. Then they move on to raping the wife in front of the husband, kill her and do the same to the father of the children. Yep, that’s definitely what God wants to happen.

  2. Trump said we could all say ‘Merry Christmas’ again…the unbalanced left hate it and consider anyone that says it a target.

    1. The suspect is likely an unhinged Progressive. Someone religiously zealous in their atheism who is intolerant of religion in general and Christianity in particular. A card carrying member of the “resistance” would be a safe bet.

      1. Richard Krumm – Why do you say Christianity???? I am a Christian and would NEVER think to do anything like that……in fact would NEVER hurt anyone. YOU need God and prayer yourself so you would not talk so mean.

  3. Saw this on Drudge. Left for for more real California news.

  4. Jay Jones says:

    I am betting it was a left wing liberal snowflake lunatic. You know those peaceful democrats… pffft

  5. What did the attacker look like? What did the attacker look like? What did the attacker look like?

  6. Todd Carlson says:

    This is absolutely the result of liberals self loathing and message of hate.

  7. Samuel Green says:

    This festive bell ringer got off lucky. In many, if not most Muslim lands, they don’t play knockout the Christian games, they simply burn the churches to ash, and sometimes torture or kill any Christians or Jews.

    Just days ago that Muslim Jihadi lunatic in NY saw a Christmas poster in the NY subway, which prompted this electrician bomber to try to detonate his improvised explosive device, unsuccessfully. The poster of Xmas was enough catalyst to push this lunatic to try to kill men, women and children.

    As a soldier I’ve seen the hatred with my own eyes. Want your own proof, put on an I’m an American T shirt and venture to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan Lebanon, Hamas territories in Israel, or many other Muslim lands that practice barbaric practices such as Sharia law, and see how peaceful most Muslims are to Americans.
    The only good news is that Shia’s are to busy trying to kill Sunni’s. If the day comes that both groups make peace, that is a bad day for Western society, as we’d become more prevalent in their crosshairs..

    Now they’ve spread Jihad inside of America, and imbecile lawmakers try to accommodate their Sharia law values. It’s a recipe for disaster. This is why I keep a lawfully acquired sidearm close during the Holiday season.

    Only had to use it once, during an attempted armed home invasion, the criminal picked the wrong house to invade, but he wasn’t a Muslim, he was a African American lunatic high on pcp. But violence knows no skin color or religion, violent people are always lurking in the shadows simply waiting on opportunity.

  8. Dan Roth says:

    The sad thing is that all of these commenters are correct. How much longer can our society last like this? Is the 250 year experiment coming to an end now? I sure hope not but I think it will take more than hope to save it.

    1. “The sad thing is that all of these commenters are correct.”

      Except for the troll who commented right after you did;~)

  9. No description of the perpetrator =
    – a goat-raping mooooslum ghetto-thug negr0id

    1. u need to be removed from polite society.
      I fought twice so idiots like you can spout your hateful rhetoric. You were probably having sex with your sister while I had sand crowling up my but cheeks.
      I am the most ardent Trump supporter and the last thing we need is idiots like you on our side.
      I am also a administrator for the facebook page Exposing Elitist.
      U are a disgusting excuse for a human being!

  10. Time to start rounding up feral Democrats for pre-crimes, otherwise we’re going to see a lot more of this happening.

  11. No description of suspect says it all.

  12. And this is why we “Need to clean house” in this country. Sick

  13. bvikay says:

    Just another Obama and Hillary supporter. Nothing new.

  14. Sam Fry says:

    Wow I wish we could get a description of the attacker. I mean ANY identifying information would be very helpful. All we know is that the attacker was “a man”.

  15. The end times are screaming at us get rapture ready people!

  16. The way this story is getting around, I suspect that this bell-ringer might raise a lot of money over the weekend. 🙂

  17. Where is this guy taking donations at? Walmart Roseville? I say we all go there and dump a fortune on this guy, and then wish him a Merry Christmas.

  18. Jeff Richert says:

    At no point in this story did they say the reason for the attack were the words “Merry Christmas”.

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