By Marc Woodfork

During the early days of World War II, England faced the possible threat of invasion from German forces.  New Prime Minister Winston Churchill must make a crucial decision to stand and fight the Nazis or try to broker a deal to save his people and country.

For historians and non-historians alike, this is a must-see film.  Gary Oldman turns in his best performance to date as Churchill.  His transformation is nothing short of incredible — certainly the frontrunner for Oscar glory.

Obviously, knowing the outcome still doesn’t deter from the intensity or suspense that the film delivers.  For students of history, it’s a window into a extremely difficult and significant moment of the 20th Century.  For the neutral, its just great film making and has a brilliantly written script that doesn’t dumb down the dialogue.  The producers do a really good job of capturing the look and feel of 1940’s Britain as well as nailing the stress, fear and emotion of a people who find themselves at the brink of collapse.

Because of the historical events of the film, a lot of people will pass on it due to “hating history”. Watching “Darkest Hour” isn’t so much a history lesson, it’s just a great story and a great performance that should not be missed.

  1. # This movie(DARKEST HOUR) and DUNKIRK fails to tell the truth about Churchill and his lying or his deliberate untruthfulness blaming the Belgian King and the Belgian army for the BEF’s defeat in 1940.
    The BBC on THE GREAT LIE !

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