By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Changes to gun laws are coming to California in the new year, and some people are not happy about additional restrictions.

Starting Jan. 1, Californians will have to purchase ammunition through a licensed vendor. And if they purchase the ammo online, it has to be shipped to a vendor instead of directly to the buyer.

“Well it’s going be a pain in the butt,” said Josh Deaser, owner of Just Guns in Sacramento. “It’s not going to solve or prevent anything from happening.”

El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini voiced his concern in a letter to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Wednesday.

He wrote “It has come to my attention from an ammunition vendor in my county that on January 1, 2018, he will no longer be able to receive ammunition shipments from his ammunition suppliers because he does not have an Ammunition Vendor License…His business and his livelihood are at risk.”

Deaser told CBS13 he’s still waiting on the Department of Justice to explain how ammo regulations are going to work.

“We’ve heard everything from a card to a fee per transaction,” he said.

CBS 13 reached out to the attorney general’s office for clarification and a spokesperson simply wrote back “Anyone who applies to obtain an ammunition vendor license before December 21st, will receive a license by January 1st.”

Also on deck for July is the bullet button ban. The feature allows the gun owner to use a small tool to quickly reload and start shooting again.

“You can either register your weapon as an assault weapon, with the bullet button on there,” Deaser began to explain.

He went on to say that, as an alternative, gun manufacturers can remove the adjustable buttstock, pistol grip and flash hider from the weapon to avoid registration.

But Deaser doubts the changes will have a real impact.

“Bad people still do bad things,” he said. “The only people that are addressed in any of these bills that they’ve passed are the law-abiding citizens.”

Additional Changes:

  • Defendants convicted of firearm-prohibiting crimes, such as felonies, or misdemeanors involving violence, domestic abuse, or illegal weapon use, must provide proof that they sold or transferred their firearms within specified time periods after conviction.
  • Gun dealers must obtain a DOJ certificate of eligibility from employees who handle ammunition, verifying that they passed a background check.
  • Californians looking to purchase ammunition must pass a background check starting in 2019.

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Comments (6)
  1. God I’m happier every day knowing I moved out of this wacko State…

  2. Henry Bowman says:

    “California Gun Law Changes Not Sitting Well With Owners”

    And Dog Bites Man. What a moronic headline. It’s not as if California gun owners asked the legislature to impose more stupid, useless restrictions. Every year, the legislature tells law-abiding gun owners “in your face,” and somebody is surprised they are not happy about it?

  3. Ford Smith says:

    I am handicapped and in a wheelchair. California ammo laws discriminated my because I can longer get ammo without help getting to some store.It will also be substantially more expensive. These laws violate laws against the handicapped.

  4. Mark Farris says:

    CA’s new ammo law will have serious unintended consequences in the state in the form of a new black market in the trafficking of ammo. Worse still is reloading supplies will remain unchanged encouraging the manufacture of illegal ammo and if your going to make it illegally why not make it illegally and better and sell armor piercing “Cop Killas” at that. CA will be a gun free zone covered in blood with an unarmed populous and unusually dangerous criminals.

  5. Can you imagine how crime-free a state California would be if politicians directed as much effort against criminals as they do against law-abiding citizens?

  6. Matt Young says:

    These news reports on these gun laws are never accurate. You could register as an assault weapon with the ‘bullet button’ which is not faster in reloading as the news keeps reporting, you can also fix the mag further now with a device like an armagalock and not register, or do what they actually said in this news report – go “featureless” and not register, all equally rediculous hoops that do nothing except make legal gun owners jump through hoops and make the owners far less safe in all choices… no criminal will do this.

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