By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The debate over the future of Stockton’s two public golf courses continues, and signs show the public is not going out without a fight.

Earlier this month, Mayor Michael Tubbs led a discussion on the possibilities of closing both sites and replacing at least one with housing.

Now, signs are being posted in front yards that read “Save Swenson, Stop Mayor Tubbs.”

It refers to the Swenson Public Golf Course and the idea to turn it into a mixed-use development where the property can bring the city more jobs and revenue.

The city owns Swenson. It also owns Van Buskirk Golf Course.

Both locations cost the city close to $90,000 to maintain.

Tubbs said it’s hard for him to justify the expense.

On Twitter, he said, “fights are not needed, but solutions.” The mayor is encouraging people to use both facilities, so the city isn’t subsidizing them. He also wants youth to be exposed to the sport, so there’s more interest.

“I think it’s terrible. That golf course has been there for many, many years. We have students that go to the high school that use that, and it’s beautiful, and I think it should stay there forever,” said homeowner Jackie Korbholz.

The second golf course would turn into soccer fields, nature trails, with softball and basketball courts. The future of both these public golf courses is a fight we’ll be sure to see in the new year.


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