HAYWARD (CBS) — California State University promised tens of thousands of students a slot in the freshman class, but now it’s saying there’s not enough room.

Cal State University turned away more qualified applicants than ever last year. The university turned away one in 10 students, or about 31,000 people.

Most of the CSU campuses are at capacity and the competition is tougher than ever.

“I would say it’s competitive,” said Alicia Padilla-Noboa, a freshman at Cal State East Bay. She says getting accepted to a California state college isn’t as easy as it used to be.

“No matter what, college is always going to be hard to get into, you just have to fight your way through it if you really want it,” Padilla-Noboa said.

On Wednesday, CSU faculty leaders took aim at what they say is years of fiscal starvation.

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