By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New numbers show the city is still struggling to hire a diverse workforce and female city employees make less than men.

“I have two daughters in the workforce, and it is concerning, and that’s why we have to hold ourselves responsible and hold city management accountable for making sure that those things happen,” said Sacramento City Councilman Larry Carr.

So how big is Sacramento’s gender gap?

Women make up just over half of the overall city population, but only 30-percent of the city’s full-time employees. On average, female employees make $12,000 less per year compared to men, a 16 percent gap

“There’s room for improvement,” said City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby.

At entry level positions, the city is on par with its diverse population, but Ashby said it falls apart after that.

“When you look at women’s salaries especially when you look at overlays with diversity and raise, that women are not promoting through the ranks in the city of Sacramento, so the management positions in a very high-level position, they’re not making their way up,” she said.

The audit also shows the race of city employees is not as diverse as the community.

In Sacramento, 54 percent of city employees are white even though whites are only 34 percent of the overall population.

“The change is going to be slow and gradual,” Carr said.

But the change is happening.

“The fire department looks good for diversity. Much better, big turnaround,” Ashby said.

Police and fire have launched new outreach efforts over the last year to recruit more diverse candidates.

“I think it’s a really big deal especially for police and fire to be representative of the community they’re serving,” Carr said.

And the city hired its first African-American police chief.

City officials acknowledge there’s more work to be done and hopes to bridge the gap sooner than later.


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