By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Protesters took to the streets of Sacramento in an alternative to the typical Martin Luther King Day march.

“I think the dream got out of wack and we have to reclaim that dream,” said Ava Nada.

She took the streets Monday, to “reclaim MLK Day” to remind people she says, that Martin Luther King wouldn’t have stood for the racial inequality damaging our society.

“I came from segregation at five and a half… and it’s a passion to see that we can all be as one,” she said.

But the march she participated in is unlike anything you’ll see at traditional, celebratory MLK marches honoring the civil rights icon’s legacy.

“If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no peace,” activists chanted.

Black Lives Matters activists say they’re demanding justice for African-American men shot by police.

Their signs read, “hands up, don’t shoot.”

“If we don’t get it. Shut it down,” they said.

Activists shut down J Street in downtown, turning traffic away.

“I think Marin Luther King would be right here with us,” said one protestor.

Sacramento Police say the group didn’t obtain a permit to protest and they monitored the crowd, but didn’t comment on their message.

“I mean, Dr. King was a victim of police brutality. Now we have the police chief and sheriff supporting the other march. Martin Luther King would have never stood for that,” said Elika Bernard.

People from all walks of life marched, in solidarity.

“Our streets. Our streets,” they chanted.

Rabbi Seth Castleman didn’t carry a sign.

He carried his newborn baby to make his point.

“There’s no time too early for them to experience it. There’s no other place to be. If one person’s oppressed, we’re all oppressed,” he said.

Ava Nada says she couldn’t agree more.

“We have so many young people now who don’t know the issue, but they’re living it now,” she said.


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