By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The murder trial for admitted cop killer Luis Bracamontes continued for a second day on Wednesday inside a Sacramento County Superior Courtroom.

Just like Day 1, the defendant had an outburst in the courtroom. This time, Judge Steve White threatened to throw him out and let the trial to proceed without him.

On Tuesday, Bracamontes, an illegal Mexican immigrant with a long criminal history, shouted: “I killed those cops, and I don’t regret that!”

On Wednesday, he directed his comments to the jury.

These frequent outbursts have some wondering why the trial, to determine his guilt or innocence, is moving forward even though he has already admitted to killing Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s Det. Michael Davis Jr. in October of 2014.

He initially entered a “not guilty” plea.

CBS13 reached out to Sacramento attorney Mark Reichel to give us an answer.

Reichel tells us, “Whether he shot them or not is not the issue really before the jury anymore. What’s before the jury is was he insane at the time that he did this?”

Bracamontes’ lawyers allege their client was high on meth during the killings and didn’t know right from wrong. Legal experts say that’s likely why they urged him to enter the “not guilty” plea.

Reichel says, “For due process reasons in our developed criminal justice system–it may be difficult for people to grasp–but we want to punish guilty minds who understand they’re guilty.”

But the judge has rejected a “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea and has ruled Bracamontes is competent to stand trial.

Legal experts say that doesn’t mean his lawyers can’t play that card anyway—positioning their client for the penalty phase.

If convicted, Luis Bracamontes faces the death penalty.

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  1. Jay Plumlee says:

    In order:
    Remove his Hands and Feet.
    Once healed, remove his Tongue and Voice Box.
    Once healed remove his Ear Drums.
    And then, once healed, remove his Eyes.

    Now, think about the what the above does.

    Let him live the rest of his life in that kind of Prison as Death is too good for some people; he, being one of them.
    Let him live with No way to communicate with any ‘thing’ or any ‘one’.
    That’s the Prison he deserves. Life in a Silent Blackness.
    A Living Hell.

  2. May I ask why CNN is not covering this?

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