SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — You can’t begin to officially file your taxes until January 29th, so there’s still time for Washington to reach a deal before it starts affecting your tax return.

Longtime Sacramento tax preparer, Scott Bird is hoping for the best, but getting the word out to clients now to help stem the tide of questions and concerns should the shutdown last.

“They’ll plug up the phone lines trying to get through and plug up our phone lines because they’ll be calling me wondering where their money is, ” Bird says.


The IRS released its contingency plan should the shutdown last into filing season. These are some of the services that will be affected.


  • No tax refunds issued.
  • No processing of forms 1040X, amended returns
  • No processing of non-disaster relief transcripts
  • No non-automated collections
  • No audit or examinations (some exceptions apply)
  • No whistleblower office activity


Bird says it’s a good that the IRS is fully automated now compared to years ago because at least the filing process can be completed even while the government is shut down.


“Electronically the returns will still be there, just the getting the money, it takes a long time afterwards, and don’t expect any interest ” he said with a laugh.


But Bird stresses, don’t wait to file just because the government is shut down. Come January 29th the first to file will be the first in line when the money is finally issued.


“I would say everything should stay on the norm because you can’t ever file a tax return and spend the money assuming you are going to get the money in x amount of time”


And if you owe the IRS, Bird says you’re still going to owe, and be responsible for paying on time.


The IRS will retain 43 percent of its workforce during the shutdown and still process payments from those who owe money to the government.


Bird’s offices are located at 1712 Broadway in Sacramento.



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