Atlanta, Georgia (WGCL) — A dangerous convict conducted a Facebook Live from inside his jail cell at a federal prison in Atlanta. The shocking video starred 30-year-old Joseph Fletcher on Saturday.

He was live for nearly an hour, presumably by way of a smuggled cell phone.

Fletcher is from Akron, Ohio, where police describe him as one of their most dangerous criminals.

“I run Akron, man. I’m the…biggest thing in Akron,” he says on the video.

He is serving a 39-month sentence on weapons charges, but in the video, appears to admit to committing a murder another man was charged with.

“Everybody know I did that…I did it, yeah,” he says on the video.

Fletcher is housed at the U.S Penitentiary in southeast Atlanta, which now faces major questions over how an inmate was not only able to get his hands on a cell phone, but conduct a nearly hour-long internet show seen by the public.

In response to our questions, the Federal Bureau of Prisons released the following statement late today:

The incident you reference is under investigation and we will take action based on our findings, including referring for prosecution, if needed.

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