By Steve Large

COOL (CBS13) — It is a sad and unusual sight—a coyote with its head stuck in a jar.

It’s been spotted several times this week in the community of “Auburn Lake Trails” near the city of Cool.

On Friday, another sighting led to an all-out volunteer effort to try and save it. Video shows the unusual sight–a coyote unable to escape a container stuck on its head.

The coyote likely crammed his head inside to get a treat that turned into a horrible trick. Snapshots also show the coyote from other angles, its snout visible through the see-through jar, now making it impossible to eat or drink.

“It’s a strange sort of thing that happened to him,” Sierra Wildlife Rescue volunteer Bob Campbell said. “I’m sure he doesn’t know whats going on and he’s scared to death.”

People who live here, are now organizing to save the coyote, using their own tools and time.

The coyote has been sighted every day for a week, managing to evade capture so far.

“We have Kevlar gloves, we have catch poles, we have a fellow with a net gun,” Gold Country Wildlife Rescue Sallysue Stein said.

More than a dozen volunteers converged at the location of the most recent coyote sighting Friday, then fanned out in these hills hoping to find the coyote and free it.

Caitlin Riley says she saw the coyote up close before it got spooked and ran away.

“It’s very thin, very weak,” Riley said. “It would go a short ways, then lie down. I think its close to death unless it’s found soon.”

A community coming together to help a coyote stuck with this cruel fate.

A wild animal, wandering and no doubt wondering, how it ended up like this.


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