By Kelly Ryan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — If you’ve driven around Sacramento, you’ve probably seen signs in some neighborhoods that say
“slow down kids at play” or “drive like your pets live here.”

But not everyone thinks those signs are the key to getting speeders to slow down.

The City of Sacramento will soon roll out Vision Zero, a program with a goal to reduce pedestrian, bicyclist and motorist fatalities by 2027.

East Sacramento resident Mike Ozeroff says something needs to be done about the drivers speeding through his neighborhood.

He’s been involved in two campaigns to try to get speed bumps along a portion of McKinley Boulevard, but both failed. He and his wife have already lost two cats to speeding vehicles. But he’s not convinced lawn signs slow speeding drivers.

“I would love if I could have two signs and I’d like to see all the neighbors have the signs, but I don’t think it would work.”

A city spokesperson tells CBS13 the Vision Zero campaign includes more than just lawn signs, with traffic engineering, education, electronic devices showing how fast a driver is going and even flashing beacons.

Ozeroff says the city needs to step up safety measures and is all for a campaign to get drivers to slow down. He says a good place to start would be a reminder to the city’s own employees.

“One thing that could be done is the city could get their own personnel not to drive fast, city trucks go flying through here,” he said.

The city says it is relying on local tax revenue to get state and federal grants. The program has a 10-year lifespan and is expected to get started in early 2019.


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