By Lisa Meadows

By Lisa Meadows

It’s a chilly morning, just plain cold, some might say. But it won’t last.

Despite the cold start, it’ll warm up a bit today. Clear skies overnight allow any heat that builds up to escape, bringing down the temperatures, but clear skies the next day allow the sun to heat up quicker.

Rain would be nice, but it’s not in our 7-day forecast. We’ve had a jet stream to the north for a while causing a high-pressure region over us, preventing rainfall.

This morning: We started at 30 degrees in Sacramento and temperatures will quickly heat up.

This afternoon: We’ll have sunshine and 65 degrees.

Tomorrow: Clear skies and 67 degrees.

Highlights in the 7-Day: By the time we had into Sunday, temperatures will cool a little. We’ll see highs in the 50s, with lows dropping back into the 30s overnight on Monday and Tuesday. We’ll be back in the 60s on Thursday.

4c41e9565c564981a6957cbc6c1324bd 1 Chilly Temperatures Giving Way To Warm, Sunny Friday


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