By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A group from Stockton is preparing to open a unique facility aimed at helping homeless veterans around the community.

The three-bedroom, two-bath home is expected to offer individuals the necessary items and resources to get them back on track.

Lisa Evans is getting ready to fill all the rooms in her new Stockton home with tenants she says haven’t been under a roof in years.

“I am so elated, when we can help somebody out of a situation, or when we can give them something that will help them. It just makes me feel good,” said Lisa Evans, co-executive director of Angela’s Team Empire, Inc.

Angela’s Team empire is a non-profit that’s been providing assistance in the streets to homeless men, woman, and children.

“Researching the homeless population in this community, I’ve researched and there is probably over 2,500 homeless individuals in our little city right here, and I think this will be a great need. This is a start to being able to help one person at a time overcome the challenges of being homeless,” she said.

The facility will be a temporary room and board for homeless vets.  Leaders say it won’t just be a place to live, but a home to learn.  Tenants will be provided the resources to integrate back as a productive member of the community.

“Not only are they disabled, but often times the disability causes them to lose their residency, causes them to become homeless. So, now you have a dual issue, you have the disabled veteran that has become homeless.  The house serves more than one purpose,” said Alonzo Morris, co-executive director, Angela’s Team empire, Inc.

The organization is ready to accept clients.  It is also working with the community to help fill the home to make it a warm place to live.

“We need furniture, appliances, hygiene products, nonperishable items, you know towels, blankets, things of that nature, anything that someone has to donate,” he said.

Leaders say they are ready to open the door officially next week on March 3rd.  They plan to have a grand opening ceremony in Stockton.


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