By Macy Jenkins

AUBURN, Calif. (CBS13) – Thursday evening brought a surprise snow for the people of Auburn. A snow they’re used to seeing at higher elevations.

“Seeing snow this low kinda scares us,” said Anthony Durst.

He, his wife and seven kids left their Concord home Thursday afternoon headed for Carson City, Nevada. But when they pulled over in Placer County, they saw unexpected snowflakes.

“It was cool,” said 12-year-old Ava Durst. “We thought it was going to be really cold outside and it is!”

But not too cold for the young siblings to test out their snowball skills on each other.

A bigger surprise came down in Auburn around 6pm when the snow started to fall at just 1,200 feet!

El Dorado County District Attorney’s office posted pictures on Facebook of their wintery exterior saying “Bundle Up, it’s snowing in Placerville.”

As Durst prepared to continue to journey on I-80, he was concerned about what he’s encounter closer to the state line.

“We had to buy chains for just a one-day trip,” he said. “Hopefully we don’t have to use them.”

But 8-year-old Samuel Durst was more concerned about catching the snowflakes in his mouth before they disappeared.

“It’s not really that cold out here,” he said. “I feel fine.”

Auburn Police Department said they didn’t have any issues out on the road since the snowfall was brief and didn’t stick.


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