MODESTO (CBS13) — A Modesto mom who has fought two forms of cancer has been given just a few days to leave the U.S., a place she has called home for almost 30 years.

Lawyers for Martha Lozano, 52, have been working with immigration officials to keep the family together and are not clear why the mother of three has to go.

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On the same day Jonathan Lozano’s mother was on her way to the hospital for surgery, his father was pulled over, handcuffed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and forced to leave the country.

“It’s not a good feeling. I mean I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. I mean, we were just kids. It was scary,” he said.

Almost 10 years later, the Lozano family is facing the same problem. This time, immigration officials have given mom until Thursday to leave the U.S.

“We don’t really see the reason why. It’s just like your time is up and that’s it. They don’t really give any explanation of why or how come, they just don’t want to extend her period of time here anymore,” said Lozano.

Martha Lozano who was battled two forms of cancer has lived in Modesto for the last 30 years. She is a mother of three and recently became a grandmother. Lozano has never had a criminal record, not even a parking ticket.

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“I’m scared that I have to leave and that my children will have to stay here alone, without any of their parents to care for them,” she said.

Lozano’s children are all U.S. citizens. She has been requesting a stay of deportation for the last nine years, but this year ICE denied her request. It’s a decision, lawyers believe came from the new administration.

“It is heartbreaking. It’s unfair, and it’s very sad,” said attorney, Camille Cook.

Cook has represented Lozano since 2009. In Mexico, Lozano says she won’t have the same access to medicine or proper care and fears her cancer may return.

“You try to stay calm in a situation like this and have faith, and prayer for a miracle but we are now at the mercy of the government,” she said.

A spokesperson for ICE says the department has been conducting enforcement operations consistent with federal law. Since Sunday more than 150 people have been arrested in Northern California for violating federal immigration laws.

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Sen. Diane Feinstein’s office has reached out to the family to offer assistance.