By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — “We can’t get to the snow yet.”

Brad Bell and his family felt the full power of the storm, on the way to Tahoe, Thursday morning.

“We’re gonna wait and see if the road opens back up,” said Danielle Bennett.

A quick stop at Discovery Park with Fido didn’t hurt anyone, but they weren’t expecting to run into so much wild weather on the valley floor with fierce winds and relentless rain.

“The whole area was all lit up,” a neighbor said in Carmichael.

People in Carmichael heard loud bangs and flashes. Tree trimmers were called out to cut down palm tree branches flying directly into the path of high-voltage power lines.

“You can see all the dead fonds on there, and they’re just shooting that way and the winds going that way directly toward the power lines,” one of the trimmers explained.

Those widespread power outages hit Citrus Heights too.

As crews worked to repair the lines, creeks filled up, muddy puddles piled up and no matter where you were in the city, gutters clogged up.

But it was only Day 1 of the Sacramento rainstorm.

“I think we’re in for a good run,” one neighbor said.

And the family on the way to Tahoe may not be able to escape the elements after-all.

“If the road doesn’t open in the next couple hours we’ll turn around,” said Bennett.


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