SQUAW VALLEY  (CBS13) — More snow is expected to hit the Sierra this weekend with people keeping a close eye on slick roads and possible avalanches.

Geoff Anders and his family have been planning a ski trip for weeks. Their journey to Squaw Valley started very early Saturday.

“It was a little bit rough, we left, I think it was four in the morning. And then we got kind of like to the north star area by nine so, it was a bit of a long drive and we didn’t need chains because we have four-wheel-drive,” he said.

Hundreds of people lined up to tackle the mountaintop as more snow began to fall.

“I’ve been up here since Wednesday, it was pretty heavy up here, but I think everybody is kind of skiing with people and being smart up there,” said Logan Cullen, visiting Sqaw Valley.

But as fun as it can be, the snow, skiers say can also be dangers. On Friday, ski patrol and rescue teams responded to a powerful avalanche that injured two people including a snowboarder who had to be rescued.


“It was a storm and I think they were probably snowboarding in an area way on the edge of the avalanche control zone, said visitor, Robert Blake.


The resort gets many visitors every season. Some people say the toughest part is getting ready to head home.


“I’m never going back, I’m never going back. I don’t know I cant think about that. All I can think about is this, the traffic won’t be bad because we will probably leave at an off time,” said visitor Stephanie Messervy.


Some skiers are thinking about cutting their weekend short in order to make it back home at a reasonable time. Others plan to stay as long as possible even if it means driving in the snow.



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