By Lemor Abrams

5:30 p.m. UPDATE: The owner of the business says the closure isn’t permanent, they’re just working on moving to a new location.


SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Kids Ninja Warrior’s catchy video promo is still up and running on Facebook. And the business flyers are still advertising for birthday parties around town.

But it appears the party’s over.

The business is now boarded up, but parents had no idea when they showed up over the weekend- with birthday balloons and kids ready to celebrate.

Julie Philopopoulous says just before Christmas, she paid $400 for her son’s birthday party, and the night before had parents sign release forms on the business website.

“It really is a shame that someone is out there kind of under this name of what martial arts is—respect and honor,” she said.

“Sensi Chris” is on the website, and parents want him to pay them back and answer some questions.

“My son and a lot of kids were just looking forward to having that experience and when we got there, and no one was there, it was a shock,” said Dad Adam Philipopoulos

The Philipopoulos family isn’t alone. Poor reviews are pouring in. One dad says, “out of business but still collects deposits online.”

“The reality is businesses fall on hard times and have to close, but the least they could do is put something on their website,” says CBS13 Consumer Investigative reporter Kurtis Ming,

But Ming says there are ways to protect yourself.

“Don’t ever pay the full amount up front. Don’t pay cash, check. Use a credit card, because if something like this happens, you have protections. Call your card company and challenge the charge,” says Ming.

Julie was able to dispute the charge.

As for her son’s birthday party, Mom made it happen. She took all the kids to Sky High nearby and the birthday boy still had a blast.


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