SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Independent experts say video and audio recordings of Sacramento police officers fatally shooting a black man who turned out to be unarmed raise more questions than they answer.

Use of force expert Geoffrey Alpert says the officers may have a tough time explaining why they concluded that 22-year-old Stephon Clark had a gun when they were told he had a toolbar.

He also questions why officers turned off the microphones on their body cameras.

Professor of police studies Eugene O’Donnell says that in an ideal world they should not have waited five minutes to help the downed suspect. But former police officer Peter Moskos says the officers appear to legitimately believe they were in danger.

If so, he and police training expert Ed Obayashi say the shooting was likely legally justified.

Stephon Clark was killed Sunday by two Sacramento police officers. The department released video footage on Wednesday showing the officers yelling that Clark had a gun before firing. He was holding a cellphone.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento is organizing the rally for Thursday afternoon.

The group says the video shows the police murdered Clark “in cold blood.”

The group says it wants to show the city “we are not playing this game with black lives anymore.”

Sacramento Mayer Darrell Steinberg says he’s not going to second-guess the officers’ decisions but that a full investigation must be completed.


Video footage released by Sacramento police shows two officers yelling that a man had a gun before they fatally shot him.

The man, who was black, was unarmed and holding a cellphone in the backyard of his grandparents’ home.

The Sacramento Police Department has released two body camera videos, a sheriff’s department helicopter video and audio of the 911 call that preceded the Sunday night shooting.

Authorities have not released the man’s name. A woman who says she was his fiancee identified him as Stephon Alonzo Clark, 22, the father of her two sons, ages 1 and 3.

The videos never clearly depict what the man was doing in the moments before police fired. The police were responding to a call about someone breaking into vehicles and a neighbor’s home.

  1. The media are cowards to not stand for the police, there job is to come when called, someone called in regards to a thief, Clark the thief again at what he gets arrested for runs, who runs other then a thief, those with a long criminal record and out doing no good like Clark the thief, as the police give chase he RUNS again here it is they dont listen to stop they think there above the law and try to run to stay out of jail, he is not an innocent victim, should the police just stop doing there job, and then get sued for this as well, its a shame he died but he to had the choice not to put the police in this situation, now lets protest break windows delay and cause traffic and act respectful for this criminal. I wonder what would happen if all that believe as i do went out and stood up and protested the protesters with signs of Clark’s picture saying he was a thief, leave the police alone. frustrated with the lame news only reporting half the truth, showing this person as a young dad and not his true colors like his disrespectful brother and followers breaking the law. stop running do as your instructed and go to jail….

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