SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Embattled former California state Senator Tony Mendoza is turning the reason behind his resignation as a reason to run for his senate seat again.

Mendoza made the announcement Friday, saying he’s running on his record, while sharing his displeasure with the process that saw him leave the senate.

An independent investigation commissioned by the Senate found Mendoza likely engaged in unwanted flirtatious or sexually suggestive behavior with six women he worked with, including four subordinates.

He submitted a letter of resignation last month that claimed the former senate president Kevin de Leon had a vendetta against him.

“I shall resign my position as Senator … as it is clear that Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon will not rest until he has my head on a platter.”

Friday’s announcement continued his attacks on the Senate’s leadership, saying the investigation should have gone before the Senate Ethics Committee.

Mendoza also downplayed the allegations against him as him “making anyone feel uncomfortable or awkward.”


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