By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Hundreds of Stephon Clark’s supporters waited patiently outside of City Hall Tuesday afternoon, ready to attend the city council meeting.

But as the day wore on, they grew tired of standing still and took to the streets in protest.

Just before 6 p.m., dozens of protesters rushed into City Hall, chanting Stephon Clark’s name. Thirty minutes later, they started marching towards Golden 1 Center.

“You don’t stand up now, you ain’t never going to stand up for nothing,” said Deja Davis.

Protesters were riled up but remained nonviolent for the most part. Small arguments and disputes bubbled up from the time outside of the arena. With signs in hand, protesters lined the doors of G1C, refusing to let fans inside for the game.

“All the people that left out of respect for the family, I get that,” Davis said. “But we here, we’re not moving. Cause if we move, then they get what they want.”

But even some protesters weren’t sure this was the right move.

“I’m kind of biased on that situation, on shutting down the game,” said Veronica Ramirez. “But at the same time, we gotta get our point across, and this is where the biggest time is to get our point across.”

And as hundreds stood watching the commotion, it became clear the line between King’s fan and Clark supporter isn’t so black and white.

“When that cop is brought to justice, then we know we’ve succeeded,” said protester Nyati-MeLissa.


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