SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — For the second time in a week, the doors to the Sacramento Kings game at Golden 1 Center were shut because of protesters blocking fans from the entrance.

It was a repeat of Thursday, when protesters blocked entrances following a planned protest at City Hall demanding justice for Stephon Clark, the man shot and killed by police while holding a cellphone.

On Tuesday, People with tickets in hand were once again kept outside.

“We had really good seats, and we can’t get in because of protesters,” said a fan named Julio.

The Sacramento Kings game went on despite only a fraction of the fans making it inside.

“It’s disappointing,” said one fan walking away.

Some fans sympathized with the protesters.

“I understand what the protesters are doing, and I respect that,” Said Kong’s Fan Scott Thurmond.

But Thurmond says the Kings should have had a better plan in place this time.

“I would hope that they would open the doors at some point in time,” he continued.

As the game wore on, arguments between fans and protesters at the security barriers continued.

Meanwhile, a Twitter account for the family of Stephon Clark tweeted “The Sacramento Kings love and support us we dnt (sic) like this…..The Kings are apart of our city.. we can make a difference and still be positive!!”

Still, the doors remained closed. Some people called it quits and headed home.

“Well make the best of it,” said one woman leaving the Downtown Commons.

While others crowded surrounding businesses, which are typically empty during game time.

The Kings released a statement saying they will continue to work to “ensure the safety and security of fans and the public on Thursday and at future events.”

Comments (2)
  1. Gene Rey says:

    Why aren’t the police enforcing the laws and rights of peaceful, law abiding citizens? If they can’t/won’t then the citizens need to do it themselves.

    1. Absolutely! I feel that these protests are illegal and the protesters should have to pay for the lost revenues and for all damage they cause. If it were a white man killed this would NEVER get this much attention from the media!

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