SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A driver plowed his SUV through the storefront window of a Round Table Pizza on Arden Way and walked away uninjured.

It happened Sunday evening. Store manager Roger Saini says he was inside working with staff when he heard what sounded like an explosion and they quickly took cover.

”It was just crazy. Like I said, it was like a bomb going off. And we all ducked and then saw the car just come rolling through” Saini said.

The SUV came to rest in the middle of the dining room of the restaurant. No customers were in the restaurant at the time, and no staff was injured.  Saini says it’s fortunate it was Easter Sunday because the place would have been busy otherwise.

Saini says the driver got confused and hit the gas instead of the brake, causing him to drive through the store. He believes the driver may have had a medical condition.

Saini says this isn’t the first time a car has barreled through a storefront window in the strip mall. Last summer, a car went through the front of the Petco store, which is next door to Round Table.

“I think maybe vehicles like our businesses here, and want to make us a drive-through, I guess,” said Petco employee, Charlotte Wager.

Saini says he’s not yet sure of the total cost to repair the damage, but the Round Table restaurant will remain open for business.


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