By Kelly Ryan

MEADOW VISTA (CBS13) — The family of a 10-year-old boy who was killed after he fell into a PG&E canal in Meadow Vista is thanking their community for all the love and support they say they’ve received following the tragedy.

It was Sunday evening when a helicopter and dive team were called out to a canal to try to find the boy who fell into the swiftly moving water.

DeAnna Martin describes her youngest son Logan as “gentle and quiet, a great helper.”

She remembers the 10-year-old wanting to go to cool off at a nearby lake Sunday. Hours later she heard a helicopter overhead.

“I realized pretty quickly that Logan was not in the house and I knew that he had gone outside and it took seconds to make the connection that something was terribly wrong.”

Late Sunday night, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office posted on social media that the boy’s body had been found.

Logan’s mom and dad say they want to publicly thank the community and all of the first responders for their overwhelming kindness.

Parents DeAnna Martin and Jesse Huizar tell CBS13, “We just wanted to thank the community for all the love and support that we received; the GoFundMe me page has just been an awesome blessing.”

The PG&E canal Logan fell into runs along the side of their property in Meadow Vista. They say a neighbor saw the boy fall in and tried to help by throwing him a hose. They wonder if something could be added to the prevent another tragedy.

“Even as an adult to have some precaution, whether it’s ladders or safety ropes, anything to latch onto,” says Martin.

The neighbor who tried to help the boy told Logan’s mom he will be going to the county to see if any of those safety measures could be put into place.

Logan’s mother thinks that is a good idea, concerned that “it’s just a matter of time before this happens again.”

His family says Logan was getting ready to celebrate his 11th birthday in just two months.


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