SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The brother of a man shot by Sacramento Police says the bills he had in a viral video in a Best Buy were fake.

A video surfaced on with the title “Alleged Video Shows Stephon Clark’s Brother Flashing Money That Was Donated To The Family!” The video that appears to be security footage shows Clark at a store holding up a large stack of dollar bills to his ear like it’s a cellphone.

Video and photos from Stevante Clark’s Instagram feed show off images of fake $100 bills with an X-ray image of Benjamin Franklin’s skull superimposed on his face.

photo 2 Dollar Bills Shown In Viral Video Of Stephon Clarks Brother Were Fake photo Dollar Bills Shown In Viral Video Of Stephon Clarks Brother Were Fake

Clark showed off one of the bills to CBS13, saying the bills seen in the video were not real and were part of a promotion for a Sacramento clothing company.

controversey Dollar Bills Shown In Viral Video Of Stephon Clarks Brother Were Fake

The controversy comes a day after Clark spoke to CBS13 about his mental health issues and the need for more resources in underserved communities.

He revealed he received two days of inpatient mental health treatment at UC Davis Medical Center last week after police responded to a disturbance call at the Greens Hotel on Del Paso Boulevard.

“I turned myself into the mental health institution; the police came to check on me, but I kind of forced them,” he said.

Stevante says he and his family were staying at the hotel for a sense of privacy after two weeks of protests. But on the morning of April 1, two weeks to the day of his brother’s death, the pain was too much. He says he lost it, causing damage to the hotel room.

“Something is very wrong up there; I can admit that, but I’m not out here doing crazy, stupid belligerent things. I’m trying to take care of my family,” he said.


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