By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton food vendor is recovering at home after he was shot and robbed while he was working in the community.

Stockton Police officers are still looking for the suspects involved in the assault and are also investigating a similar incident that happened a few days ago to another food vendor.

Laying in the comfort of his own bed, Stockton businessman and grandfather, Ramon Lopez said he’s happy to be alive. “Don Ramon,” as he is known to many people, survived a violent attack.

“I’m feeling a little better now. All I remember is being punched by three young men and then shot,” he said.

On Easter Sunday, Lopez was selling corn when he was hit from behind. Lopez was armed with a machete, and as he attempted to defend himself, one of the suspects shot him.

“You have people that work to provide for their families, and then these delinquents come to steal your hard earned money and take your life, just like they almost took mine,” he said.

Stockton Police officers are also investigating another attack that happened just a few days ago, that case on Lafayette Street and Burkett Avenue, also involves a food vendor.

“One of the things that food truck vendors can work on is probably work in pairs if at all possible. This way there is not one person, one sole person,” said Rosie Calderon with the Stockton Police Department.

Officers say food vendors should limit the amount of cash they carry. If they are working in a food truck, keep the doors locked and get a good description of the suspects if you’re assaulted.

“I think that is messed up because that is how he makes his money,” said family friend, Nayeli Palma.

Doctors say Don Ramon will be bedridden for at least four months. Now, the community is coming together to raise money for him and his family.

“It’s heartbreaking because of that he won’t be able to work, he’s going to have to stay home and recover, instead of being out there and making his money like he wants to,” she said.

Police urge anyone with information on the attacks to contact Crime Stoppers.


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