SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Gas prices are expected to increase 14% this summer compared to last. That would push the average price for a gallon of gas in California to just over $4.

The Energy Information Administration released the report Tuesday. The agency considers April until September the summer driving season.

Summer prices are typically higher due to consumer demand; however, this spike is mostly due to higher crude oil prices.

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Last summer drivers nationwide paid $2.41 for a gallon of regular gas. This summer the average is expected to be $2.74 a gallon. That’s a 33 cent increase. On April 11, 2018, according to AAA, the average gallon of regular gas costs $2.66.

The prices are much higher in California. AAA reports drivers statewide are paying an average of $3.52 a gallon. Last month we paid $3.37 a gallon. A year ago at this time the price per gallon was $2.99.

This region is seeing a bit of a break. Sacramento drivers are currently paying $3.43 a gallon. Stockton’s average price is $3.42 a gallon. Modesto comes in with the lowest price at $3.35 a gallon.

California recorded its highest average price on October 9, 2012 when drivers paid $4.67 a gallon.

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  1. Saul Korn says:

    Fools thought low gas prices were here to stay and bought gas hogs, LOL !

  2. Where in this silly article is any thought as to why gas prices are higher? Is petroleum production from the Bakkan, Alaska, Texas or even Califorincation down? Is petroleum production down from nations we can buy from: Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Nigeria, Qatar or UAE? IMO, it’s government, the clear and present danger to our Republic.

  3. It is really sad that all this damn greed is still running wild here in America. It seems that the better things get the greedier the people get.No one is satisfied with making a good living now they all feel they must make the most regardless of the cost to others or the Nation. In the past 12 years this once great Nation has become the land of the illegal and home of the greedy. No one gives a damn about the Nation or the other person, just themselves. Just like the Romans were before they fell and were totally destroyed. Folks its coming and really soon. Corruption, lawlessness, and perversion lead to the end of Roman leadership and their Nation and its happening here right now.Within the next 20 years there will be no Nation just an occupied broken country owned by outsiders and rules by other Nations for their own reason and needs.

    1. I agree with you 100%… “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  4. John Lebtre says:

    It’s Trumps fault.He OK’d building the XL pipeline, pulling 12 American refineries out of service to crack the crud.It’s Republicans fault for selling their soul to be able to sell American oil overseas, to foreign countries like Californastan who charges $5.00 when everyone else is paying $2.75 Once again American consumers subsidize oil companies, just indirectly this time. Oh and it’s summer blend time where 20 more refineries produce gas so the illegals in California can breath.

    1. Trump has only been in office for a little over a year this problem has been building for generations. Obama was the most recent culprit and was stymied in his effort to destroy the oil industry by private companies developing fracking increasing our production. trumnp is the solution, not the problem.

  5. Tony Ascaso says:

    Good this will keep the dirty foot flip-flop crowd off the roads! Oh and the article forgot to mention the horrific taxes that we have to pay in CA for each gallon of gas! Get rid of those and the price will drop!

  6. Tom Genin says:

    Shocking! Since it happens every year coming into Summer as the transition to Summer blends takes place that are more expensive than the Winter version. Who could predict that?

  7. California democrat regulations and taxes do it every time…

  8. California democrat legislature decided to impose a carbon tax on itself, unlike any other state. That’s one of the main reasons our fuel costs are going up so rapidly…congratulations democrats!

  9. Tom Williams says:

    Please move out of California. Too many nutty liberals.

  10. Trump: “Lets make the OIL companies great again”! We need $12.00/gal. Why not they are doing it in Europe! Relax! They will pay it! They have no chose. Donald! You are a genius! You gave us tax breaks. And now high gas prices. Give with one hand, take with the other. Typical politician…

  11. Love our new Chevrolet Bolt EV. ….snickering and schadenfrauden’ it, baby!

    1. Don Paolino says:

      tell me what you think when it comes time to replace the batteries

  12. Since we are exporting 10 million barrels of oil a month per President Trump, why do prices at home continue to rise? The game is: bump the price up 10-15 cents per gallon then lower it by 7-10 cents. This hurts everyone, especially those on a fixed income. How can there be any thought of increasing the federal gas tax? If you pay attention, the price of basic needs are on the rise.

  13. So when Bush was President HE was responsible for increased oil prices, but when Obama was Pres it was “the market.” So now it will be Trump’s fault?

  14. I would rather pay more for gasoline and have the money stay in the US than to get it cheaper and send the money to the Middle East.

  15. Mike Grieco says:

    You didn’t think that gas would stay at $2 a gallon ? c’mon people, you knew the oil companies would scam the supply market to artificially raise the prices. They will continue to go up until the public / politicians cry wolf. Then they will tell you they saved the day with more output from fracking. They control the supply, which means they control the price. You should see all the tankers full of gasoline headed for other countries leaving Houston. Nobody ever reports on that.

  16. Hey why doesn’t Gov. Moonbeam allow drilling in new fields? Hey why doesn’t Moonbeam allow oil to come from other states? Never mind I forgot, daddy made millions on oil.

  17. Madison Seim says:

    this is really strange to see. i’m from socal, but i live in europe and we see here that the u.s. is the biggest oïl producing nation in the world. gas prices here really haven’t changed much, they are stealing from you man. i strongly encourage any of you that are adventurous to move to europe. there is sooo much work, incredible health care, REQUIRED 30 paid vacation days per year, and very little crime. belgium, germany, holland, poland, hungary, especially norway are wonderful places to raise a family. the news tells you its bad here, but that’s because the bankers know if you knew what we have you would demand it. english is europe’s second language, leave while you can my people.

  18. A bit off topic, but you might be surprised to know that (adjusted for inflation) gasoline prices are about as cheap (if not more) than during much of the last century. Combine that with the most fuel efficient cars ever, and driving is more affordable now than during most years in memory:

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