By Angela Greenwood

POLLOCK PINES (CBS13) — A spring storm is bringing with it some low-level snow to the foothills. Areas like Pollock Pines could get a couple of inches. The snow started falling in the area just before 10 p.m. Wednesday.

As the temperatures quickly dropped in Pollock Pines, the snow plows sat on standby.

“We love it. We live here,” said Pollock Pines resident Paul Salas.

Pollock Pines resident Ted Host said, “I’m always ready for it. I love it.”

A spring storm is expected to drop one to two inches of snow overnight.

“Every little bit helps. It will be warm here soon enough,” said Salas.

Salas works at the True Value Hardware store in town. He says while the shovels were pulled out, it was heating supplies that were in high demand.

“They’re coming in for pellets, heat warm, firewood, fire starters.”

But after the severe snowstorms in March, some aren’t impressed by the expected weather.

“Snow? It’s not gonna snow!” said Jost.

Even just a small amount of snow has first responders like El Dorado County firefighter Kyle Lewis on alert.

“We have chains for the vehicles, just to make sure we can get to calls and stuff,” said Lewis.

This may not be the last snow of the season. While some spring flowers are in bloom, native dogwood trees are not and according to an old adage, “it’s not done snowing ’till it snows on the dogwood bloom.”

As another low snow rolls in, people are already preparing for even more to come.

“It will probably snow again,” said Salas.

Caltrans along with the Pollock Pines Elementary Unified School District say neither are anticipating many interruptions from the storm.


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