SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Assembly bill asking for a tax on gun and ammo sales in order to pay for police officers on school campuses passed the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee on Monday.

AB 2497 would impose the tax on sales starting January 1, 2019. It would also impose on excise tax on the storage, use or “other consumption” of firearms and ammunition.  The tax percentage isn’t known yet.

The money collected from the tax would be deposited into the School Gun Violence Protection Fund, which the bill would also create. The money in that fund would provide grants to high schools, junior highs and middle schools in order to hire police officers.

AB 2497 now goes to the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

  1. Gene Rey says:

    Seems liberals & sheeple have forgotten why we had that little spat with England a few years ago and split from them……………………………………..

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