MODESTO (CBS13) — Modesto police are investigating a triple homicide that left two children, boys ages 4 and 6, dead, along with an adult.

It was in the early morning hours Sunday, still dark, when police say the three victims were found dead inside the home in the 1800 block of Rancho Encantado.

The peace of the neighborhood shattered, residents say, as investigators flooded in.

“They (police) were wrapping around the yellow tape and then they put red tape around. They were there for four hours and there was a lady taking pictures. Obviously, me being curious, I asked what was going on, she said something happened serious,” said neighbor Oscar Ponciano.

Police are not saying how the three victims were killed, or the relationship between the adult and children, but they told neighbors the area was secure and they were not pursuing any suspects.

“All we know is that they had one guy cuffed,” Ponciano said.

One neighbor told CBS13 they heard some commotion coming from the home around 2 in the morning, but beyond that, most residents say they had not yet gotten the chance to meet the family that lived there.

“No they had just moved in a couple of months ago so we didn’t know a lot about them,” said Jaime Bedoy.

People in the well-manicured south Modesto neighborhood said they are still shaken by such a violent tragedy taking place so close to home.

“I’m just still a bit shocked because it never happened to me where it’s been so close. So now that it’s close you think about it more and you’re more concerned,” Bedoy said.

Police have yet to release details on a possible motive, the names of the three victims or manner of death, but they say it’s still early in their investigation.


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