SACRAMENTO (AP) — More ex-convicts could soon be emergency services workers and in-home caregivers under legislation proposed in California.

The three-bill package announced Monday would generally bar state agencies from denying professional licenses solely because the applicant has an arrest or conviction for a nonviolent offense.

California narrowly defines violent offenses. Advocates say the measures could help nearly eight million Californians get licenses so they could work as barbers or cosmetologists, ambulance attendants or providing care to the elderly, ill or those with disabilities.

They estimate that about 30 percent of jobs require such professional licenses.

The bills exempt any licenses related to foster care or to licenses issued by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu says the legislation is part of a national “fair chance” effort.

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  1. The problem is much greater than this article indicates, and furthermore represents a serious problem within our society. It also is a reason why there is a revolving door in our prison system. There is no second chance within our society, once a felon you will always be a felon and seriously discriminated against in every aspect of your adult life from establishing employment to housing. This only scratches the surface of the problems created by politicians. Once a man or woman who has been convicted of a felony has served their time and completed their parole, they have paid their debt to society. Oops not correct, from that point in time they are now faced with open discrimination in every aspect of their daily lives.
    What does this really mean, it means that politicians who state he or she is tough on crime is endangering everyone is society, because as time progresses the volume of men and women who are openly discriminated against still have to survive and are left with very few options and often resort to committing other crimes, not because they are a criminal, but because they have no other choice to survive. This exponentially exacerbates the problem within our society and burdens everyone with higher taxes, exploding our prison systems, and all of our social welfare programs. Thus when he or she (ex-felon) is faced with the dilemma of what to do in these situations society as a whole become victims of their problems. Moral divides become more easily crossed and the value of life is lessened especially when the offender is facing situations of long periods of incarceration by the so-called tough on crime legislation.
    Thus in conclusion our politicians have not made us safer, but have actually endangered our lives and those of public servants, and created a financial burden which will only continue to grow. As well they have made victims of the ex-felons immediate family. It our legislators and our government who are truly criminal in their actions. The anarchy of society has only begun and will eventually destroy not only the United States, but all of the world. If you doubt this and you have lived long enough to witness the decay of family values and morality, than you truly can recognize this is true.
    A quick analogy when your brakes are bad on you vehicle, your fix the brakes so that their won’t be a collision, unfortunately our politicians ignore the brakes and continue to drive down the same paths with a collision that will be catastrophic to everyone.

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