SODA SPRINGS (CBS13) — A spring storm shut down Interstate 80 in the Sierra for hours on Monday.

The snow and ice caused troubles for travelers and created a slushy slippery spring ride through the mountains.

“A lot slippery actually in some places,” said Melissa Caballero.

She and her family reconsidered their Tahoe travel plans.

“We got waters and food and we’re trying to, but like I said, now I think we’re going to turn around because if it gets a little bit more than this we might not make it all the way up there without chains,” said Caballero.

No chain controls were put in place on Monday, but icy, wet roads forced CalTrans to hold traffic between Kingvale and Truckee for several hours as spinouts piled up.

After clearing the wrecks, roads were back open.

“It was crazy. It’s crazy that it’s May tomorrow and there is snow everywhere,” said Katie Kaupanger.

She and her family were traveling to Sacramento from Utah.
The snow caught them by surprise.

“Coming all the way over here, I did not expect it,” said Kaupanger.

She and her daughter made the most of the delay.

“Do you want to make snow castles?” said Kaupamger.
“Yeah!” replied her little girl who was seeing snow for the first time.

“I love the snow,” said the toddler.

The two created a nearly-May memory of their travels through treacherous conditions.


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