SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A group of 10 co-workers in Sacramento, who refers to themselves as “The Lucky 10”, won $3.2 million in Mega Millions.

They matched 5 out of the 6 numbers for the March 23rd drawing. Had they matched the Mega Millions number they would have won the estimated $421 million jackpot.

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Debra Allen bought the ticket for the group. When she first checked the numbers she wasn’t wearing her reading glasses and thought they won $3,000. When she checked again, this time with her glasses, she realized they actually won $3,238,814.

The group: Debra Allen, Encie Lee, Telia Ford, Diana Origel, Brian Rose, Nicole McCarthy, Sara Gordon, Danielle Allen, Juan Arellano and Jeffrey Montrose, claimed the prize recently at the California Lottery’s Sacramento District Office.

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The Lottery didn’t disclose where the group works.

They bought the ticket at the Bradshaw Shell at 3591 Bradshaw Road. That store gets a retailer bonus of $16,000.


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