By Marc Woodfork

Here we go again.  Another stand-alone Star Wars adventure.  Like ‘Rogue One” from a couple of years ago,  is it necessary to the overall Star Wars universe?  Probably not.  We get it.  We all know enough backstory to get through.  But who cares what the naysayers have to say.  It’s just fun.  It’s Han Solo!  One the most iconic characters in all of film.

‘Solo’ is about Han Solo before he became the scourge of the empire when he was a smuggler and ran from bounty hunters.  As if the older version of the character wasn’t brash and arrogant enough we see a younger more fearless version in ‘Solo’.  We also get a chance to see how the friendship between Han and Chewbacca came into being.  As well as the contentious relationship between Han and Lando developed.

Once the film settles into itself, it is very entertaining.  Director Ron Howard was brought on to either save or salvage depending on your perspective, and he delivers a very good, well-told story.  A lot of ‘Star Wars’ purists have been skeptical since the announcement of the film was made, but even they will be pleasantly surprised.   The CGI work is incredible as expected.  The action sequences are just as remarkable as any of the Star Wars films.

As I stated earlier, did this film have to be made? No.  But its fun, it’s Star Wars, and it’s Han Solo.  Why not.